Painting — November 12, 2019 at 5:42 PM

How to Refresh Home Decor with Spray Paint

Updating your living spaces to reflect your style does not mean you have to get rid of everything and buy new. Refresh your home decor with spray paint to create a completely new atmosphere in every room. Bring life into the space by personalizing flower pots and growing trays (go here if you are looking for growing starter kits). Smaller items, such as plants and other decorative elements, are important finishing touches to any interior design project.

Spray paint versatile product is found in many professional designers, as well as novice decorators, kits. It is an especially important decorating tool to use if you are on a budget or you rent your house and cannot change the foundation of the spaces, such as floor and walls. Use it to modernize older furniture pieces and light fixtures and add flair to plain picture frames and shelves.

Update the Bones of Your Room with Furniture

how to paint furniture

Even if you cannot redo your walls or floors, you can still change the overall style of a room by choosing other large details carefully. Give your furniture a makeover with spray paint. Even a mismatched hand-me-down set can be made to look like a deliberate design choice if the pieces are changed to the same color. All it takes is a little bit of research on how to sand, paint, and finish a type of furniture frame.

Alter Your Frame of Mind Wind with Pictures

Create an elegant gallery wall by printing out black-and-white family photos and painting all the frames black. Bring out a specific color in your favorite artwork by painting the frame in that hue and use it as a complementary color throughout the rest of the room. The cheapest picture frames can be made to look like an expensive custom set with the right coat of paint.

Spruce Up Your Home with Plants

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Grow your design by adding living elements. Choose different types of plants to display around your home, including greenery and flower arrangements and bring them all together with the color of their containers. Use a spray paint meant for a certain material, based on if you have plastic, ceramic, or glass flowerpots, planters, or vases.

Think Outside the Box with Shelves

tapeMake your favorite decorative items the focal point of your room with shelves. Use painters’ tape to create fun designs, such as stripes. Spray paint the entire shelf in the lighter color and wait for it to completely dry. Measure out your stripes evenly and press down the tape securely. Paint the exposed area in a darker color and wait for it to dry before removing the tape. If stripes aren’t your style, cut out other shapes, such as polka dots for a retro feel, spheres for a modern look, or hearts for a country vibe.

Highlight Your Design with Fixtures

Even the best designs can be ruined with poor lighting. If you are stuck with outdated fixtures, change the color of their bases. Before taking down any fixture, make sure to turn off the power source to avoid electrical shocks. Tape off the wires and bulb sockets. Sand down any shiny surfaces to help the paint stick better. Spray paint is available in metallic hues to match the other fixtures around your home. Lamp bases, as well as shades, can also be painted to complement any decorating style.

Once you decide on a color scheme, your choice of fabrics, such as curtains and upholstery, plays a big part in completing the look. If you cannot reupholster outdated or mismatched furniture, choose drapery, table scarves, and throw pillows to create harmony in the room. Mask a less desired hue by choosing a complementary color to place throughout the space so the unfavorable one sinks into the background. When you refresh your home decor with spray paint, everything will come together in style.