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The smart method to shorten jeans makes you happier than ever

Every person considers different things about how to look fashionable wherever they go out. They focus on suggestions to choose the pants and hem such pants as per their requirements. If they have bought jean pants which come in long lengths, then they require hemming the pant by using the tailoring service.

As compared to visiting a tailor, you can use the simple hem technique and hemp the jeans by hand. You will be satisfied with no cutting involved in this technique. There is no change in the original seem. You will look trendy in the jeans which appear brand new as you have expected.

Take note of significant things

shorten jeansTutorials about how to hem pants by hand increase the overall curiosity of everyone to directly follow guidelines revealed by experts. All followers of these tutorials worldwide save both time and money. Though you do not know basics of sewing, you can listen to video tutorials starting out with the needle and thread selection. You require the following things for this task.

  • Jeans
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Iron

The first step in the process of hemming pants is to find out number of inches you wish to take off the pants.  You have to divide such number by 2 and fold the edge of the pant up. This method is similar to the cuff. Do not forget to pin in place. The next step is to sew under the original seam and carry on around the overall leg portion. Cut the thread when you properly tie off. Now, you have to fold this cuff down and iron it flat. You require tacking it up with more than a few stitches on the pantleg’s inside when the fabric of the pant inside falls down.

Every user of the simple approach to shorten jeans nowadays gets the desired result and feels confidence to recommend such approach to others. They are willing to get the most outstanding enhancement in their look every time they dress in jeans. They do not wish to contact a tailor and pay high for simple hemming pant service. They use their leisure time for hemming their pants on their own.

hemming jeans

Easy-to-follow guidelines

You may think about how to deal with pants with extraordinarily long lengths. You can explore leading methods for hemming pants by hand at this time and take advantage of one of the easiest methods to hem your pants as quickly as possible. Teenagers are looking for suggestions about hemming jeans. This is because they get an interest to look trendy and hem any pant as per their requirements.


Many individuals do not wish to go to a tailor and deal with alteration fees for multiple pairs of jeans with hemming requirements. They have to get enough resources and expertise for hemming jeans one after another. They get 100% satisfaction from the easy way to hem jeans. They require more time for hemming jeans by hand than hemming jeans by the sewing machine. Thus, they have to adjust their schedule or use the leisure time for hemming jeans.