Painting — October 24, 2018 at 2:56 PM

The most outstanding approaches to paint light bulbs

Interior and exterior decoration elements are endless at all times. Everyone likes to improve the attractiveness of indoor and outdoor for celebrating the upcoming festivals. Though they can afford for decoration products for sale in reliable shops, they wish to spend enough time and make any decorative item on their own. They can pay attention to the painted light bulbs one after another and double-check the smart approaches to paint light bulbs as per their wishes. They decide on and paint the light bulb based on the home decoration plan.

Explore how to paint light bulbs

Every painted light bulb transmits light in various patterns and colors. All users of these painted lights are happy about out of the ordinary effects in their room.  As a beginner to the painted light bulb, you may think about how to place paint on light bulbs without difficulty in any aspect. You have to focus on variations about painting light bulbs and guidelines to spray painted light bulbs one after another. If you understand differences between usual and spray-painted light bulb items, then you can make an informed decision for painting light bulbs.

Easy and inexpensive DIY home decoration items catch the attention of everyone who likes to enhance the attractiveness indoor and outdoor. You can focus on guidelines about how to decide on the paint to use on light bulb at this time. There is no need to be confused with a variety of paint colors recommended for painting on the light bulb. You will get the best result when you prefer the bulb with 40 watts or less.

Enhance the home decoration

painted light bulbs

It is the correct time for preparing the glass of the bulb for painting. You have to remove traces of grease or dust from the bulb’s surface by using the solvent. The white spirit is a solvent to clean the surface of the bulb. Place the lump of tack on your table and push the base of the bulb into the tack, putty-like adhesive.  The following colors of light bulbs of are suggested for colored coating and decoration purposes.

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Red

Beginners to the procedure for painting light bulbs can focus on how to enhance this process. They have to choose the 40-watt bulb and buy the heat-resistant glass paint. Once they have cleaned the light bulb with alcohol, they can prop their light bulb with a suitable tack. They have to use the small brush and apply the paint on the bulb. They can enhance the light bulb painting process by using their creative drawing skills.


You may concentrate on how to choose the paint type for painting light bulbs. You can choose the non-water-based glass paint whenever you like to paint light bulbs for Christmas as enjoyable as possible. Any water-based paint will evaporate off the light bulb within a short time.  You have to use the white spirit and clean your paintbrush. Now, let the bulb to dry for a few hours or overnight.  This is worthwhile to decorate the light bulb by using the paint based on your interests.